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Credit Card Issues RESOLVED


If you have been on the website in the last two weeks you’d have noticed our credit card processor was down.  I’ve just fixed that issue (for good I hope) and everything works.  So now if your credit card doesn’t go through, that’s your bank’s fault!  Or you stole a credit card…  But the legal ones should work!  Speaking of credit cards, occasionally a bank card doesn’t work on our site- we do have pretty tough security for fraud- we can work around it by sending you a PayPal invoice.  So we’d really love your business, and want to make it easy for you.  If you do have issues with credit cards you know are not stolen or fraudulent, or issued from a fake bank in Mozambique, we can go through PayPal for you.  -Bryan SOS

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Shipping Options

Dear Service of Supply Customers,

Be sure to check the available options for shipping.  We offer both UPS ground, and Priority Mail, and for the lighter items, USPS first class.  With the Postal Service First Class Parcel you still get timely delivery and tracking for your package.  In many recent orders we’ve noticed that UPS is the selected shipping service, yet the price for first class or Priority Mail is much less.  I’m not against shipping UPS, they have an excellent record and tracking for packages.  However we just want to remind customers that in the shipping menu, you might find a less expensive option.  All of our shipping prices are exact rates, we don’t charge extra for shipping.  Every month, Service of Supply breaks even on what we charge, and what is collected.  Unfortunately, for most of our East Coast customers, the rates are higher because we’re in Washington State!  Thanks again for coming to Service of Supply Militaria and WWII Reproductions.

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Students Involved in Military Tributes, Parades and Events – Over the Years…

Service of Supply is not just a business.  It’s a personal collection, a way to honor our nation’s military veterans, and a vehicle for getting students involved in our patriotic history.  Bryan Dibble collects uniforms of all eras and puts them to use for Veterans Day, demonstrations, living history displays, and much more.  Students from our city eagerly volunteer to represent the military men and women of the past.  Our group is called SERVE – Students Engaged in Re-creating Veteran’s Experiences.  SERVE teaches students about the period of time they are representing.  We meet veterans at the VFW and learn more about what they experienced in the service.  Students who are wearing uniforms also are called upon to teach others, especially younger kids, what that uniform represents and who the people were called up to serve at that time in American history.  Since the late 1990s, hundreds of students have worn the uniforms and “walked a step in their shoes.”

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Rifle Grenade Tubes back in stock, as well as a new “Three Pack” of rubber hand grenades

We’re getting things finished up that we’re on the back burner for too long. We have been cranking out our classic rubber hand grenades. If you don’t know about these, they have a ribbon embedded in the bottom that you pull out so when you throw it at the enemy you can find it again. This is a very unique product in the reenacting game. We have both American frag grenades and British Mills Bombs. We have a hard time keeping these in stock, but we build two more molds, and have streamlined the process. Now you can get a great deal on a three-pack of these great reenacting grenades. Another thing we’ve been out of a while are the cardboard rifle grenade tubes. These are the best copy that can be made using existing materials. They are 3″ in diameter, with added tubing in the core for thickness. The come with brown paper tape that was used to seal the lids on. Makes them very authentic. Hopefully all your reenacting events are awesome this summer! Feel free to use our site to post messages about upcoming events, there is a lot of WWII traffic that could benefit with information. -Bryan SOS

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Years of War – Student Journal – Selah School District

Years of War Journal is written by Selah School District students.  We write an issue each week of the school year, 38 is the usual number. Not only do I run Service of Supply, I’m a history teacher.  Go figure, huh.  Like I say, like what you do, and do what you like!

We’ve been doing this since 2008.  There are over 300 back issues to catch up on!  You get a copy or two with every order from Service of Supply, but if you want to read more, here is a link to the school district page where the Years of War can be found.  You can also email me and ask to be put on the email reminder list.  A link is emailed to you each week when a new issue is posted.  New issues are usually posted on Thursday night.

Years of War Student Journal


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KATS FM Radio giving us a cool tribute for Veterans Day

KATS FM posted a cool little video last year for Veterans Day.  We do this every year, and it’s fun to see the students wearing the uniforms and interacting with the vets at the FVW in Yakima, WA.  Thanks to KATS for being there and sharing what these great kids do for our vets!

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Fix a hole in a wool jacket

This is a YouTube link for a great video using fuse it powder to repair holes in wool suit jackets. We have a number of uniforms on the site that need this, but for the price, we’re not going to do the work. I’ve done it with a few of my jackets, and it works. You can buy the Bo Nash Bonding Powder on Amazon and other places.

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Upcoming WWII Reenactments

Do you have an event coming up?  Post about it here and let the word spread!  I’m always getting emails from people around the world asking about reenacting events.  The more people know about where and when the more that join our hobby.  Let everyone know where that next event will be, then after it’s done, post a review about the event.