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Corona Virus – Delays with products

Well, so far we’ve all avoided COVID-19 here at Service of Supply. Bryan is a classroom history teacher by day, and all the other guys are pretty much self-employed, so you can feel safe ordering from us. We are seeing some delays with products thanks to this mess however. The stock of tubes we use for the rifle grenades come out of San Francisco, California- the company is shut down right now. Even the rubber is getting spotty to find and get shipped. We are also coming to the end of any available handles for the smoke grenades. We already have made our own resin fuses- but those handles are very expensive and difficult to make. Really hoping we find some surplus tops for these. So… sorry about the delay on all these popular products. If you want to get the word as soon as we get more made, email bryan@serviceofsupply and we’ll make sure we save your email and shoot you a message. Then you can get in on the first batch we make.

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14 Day European Western Front Tour – 2020

Students and parents from the northwest are joining up to travel to Europe with Scott Ditter and Bryan Dibble to Europe in August 2020. This fourteen day tour starts in England and ends at the Eagle’s Nest in Obersalzberg, Germany. Mr. Ditter and Mr. Dibble are the tour leaders and the company hosting our tour is EF Tours. It’s going to be fun and full of great history, but also safe, educational, and well-organized. Mr. Dibble and Ditter have more than 50 years teaching between them and their experience teaching and coaching means that this tour will be rock-solidly planed and logistics squared away! It will be the trip of a lifetime for sure. Students currently in high school and their parents are invited. Trip leaves from Seattle in the first full week of August (specific departure date to be determined). Includes all tours, tickets, bus and ferry travel, meals and hotel. Right now, for those who sign up before May 17, 2019, the cost for students (19 and under by the trip day) is 4,975. Adults are 5,675. That’s a bargain for what you get. Airfare, 14 days lodging, 5 countries, a dozen cities, tickets to everything we do, transportation, and two meals a day. For other details email Mr. Ditter or Mr. Dibble at Selah High School. / You can also contact Bryan Dibble through SOS – – Or leave a post right here on this page!

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Paratrooper Boots – Great Deal

I just ordered some US Army reproduction jump boots from Work Boots USA. They were $152.99 with free shipping and for my state no sales tax. Free shipping is worth $20 all by itself. I’m wearing them right now and I love them. They were shipped quickly, and they feel great right out of the box. They come with leather laces or the brown and tan traditional boot laces.

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Shipping Options

Dear Service of Supply Customers,

Be sure to check the available options for shipping.  We offer both UPS ground, and Priority Mail, and for the lighter items, USPS first class.  With the Postal Service First Class Parcel you still get timely delivery and tracking for your package.  In many recent orders we’ve noticed that UPS is the selected shipping service, yet the price for first class or Priority Mail is much less.  I’m not against shipping UPS, they have an excellent record and tracking for packages.  However we just want to remind customers that in the shipping menu, you might find a less expensive option.  All of our shipping prices are exact rates, we don’t charge extra for shipping.  Every month, Service of Supply breaks even on what we charge, and what is collected.  Unfortunately, for most of our East Coast customers, the rates are higher because we’re in Washington State!  Thanks again for coming to Service of Supply Militaria and WWII Reproductions.

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Students Involved in Military Tributes, Parades and Events – Over the Years…

Service of Supply is not just a business.  It’s a personal collection, a way to honor our nation’s military veterans, and a vehicle for getting students involved in our patriotic history.  Bryan Dibble collects uniforms of all eras and puts them to use for Veterans Day, demonstrations, living history displays, and much more.  Students from our city eagerly volunteer to represent the military men and women of the past.  Our group is called SERVE – Students Engaged in Re-creating Veteran’s Experiences.  SERVE teaches students about the period of time they are representing.  We meet veterans at the VFW and learn more about what they experienced in the service.  Students who are wearing uniforms also are called upon to teach others, especially younger kids, what that uniform represents and who the people were called up to serve at that time in American history.  Since the late 1990s, hundreds of students have worn the uniforms and “walked a step in their shoes.”

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KATS FM Radio giving us a cool tribute for Veterans Day

KATS FM posted a cool little video last year for Veterans Day.  We do this every year, and it’s fun to see the students wearing the uniforms and interacting with the vets at the FVW in Yakima, WA.  Thanks to KATS for being there and sharing what these great kids do for our vets!