D-Ration Boxes – Reproduction


4″ x 2-1/2″ x 3/4″.  Die cut and professionally made.  Nice stamping, looks very period.  We use a rubber stamp, not a laser printer.  Most reenactors put “Little Debbie” brand brownies in these boxes, yummy.  Also will fit granola bars, most cereal bars, and other goodies.  We recommend putting in these other foods in the D-rat box in their original packaging.  Last longer…tastes better than 70 year old originals too…

The main stamp on the front is still accurate, but we’re not putting the “Service of Supply” stamp on the side.


Additional information

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D-Ration Box

One D-Ration box (1) pre-glued- one open end $2.95, One D-Ration box (1) flat $1, Five D-Ration boxes (5) flat $4.50, Ten D-Ration boxes (10) flat $8.00, Twenty D-Ration boxes (20) flat $15.00


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