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6 thoughts on “Service of Supply Account

  1. Okay, thank you for your answer, it’s nice 😉
    I would be interested in 10 AT M9 containers to finish my reproduction of the 1st type body but I live in France, complicated for shipping I presume :-/
    And rocket containers too

    1. Shipping isn’t complicated to France, just expensive! The rain has stopped, it’s not too cold, so we’re going to be painting and cutting really soon! We learned the hard way painting metal end caps in the cold was bad, and moisture too. Only dry perfect weather for these items, at least until I get a bigger shop to work in!

  2. Hello,

    I hope everything is going well for you 🙂

    Could you tell me if you plan to make a new production of AT M9 grenade tubes and bazzoka rocket (both types) ??

    Thank you,

    Regards Robin

    1. YES! Both types are going to be made again. The weather has broken, temperatures on the rise. We have most of the materials and will set up and start production this week in fact. You’ll see the notification pop up when we change the quantities on the website. Thanks, -Bryan

  3. Could I please get a tracking number for order# 7931 ? Thank you.

    1. Emailed you the tracking! Thanks again for the order.

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