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4 thoughts on “Service of Supply Account

  1. Can we sign up to be notified when stock on dummy rifle grenades will be available. Thank you

    1. Text me at the number here on the website, I’ll keep your phone number and text you just before we update inventory!

  2. Hello out there.Do you folks ship to cANADA?? The small c is for a REASON!!!

    1. Yes, we do have Canada programed into the shipping system. However dummy ordnance isn’t shipping across national borders- no rubber grenades. The shipping system might have some weird prices quoted, so much of our items are odd sizes that are hard to calculate for a computer. If the system over-charges you, we will refund the difference. If you see a shipping amount that looks really bad, contact me and I can get you a quote. I’m afraid I have no idea why the small c… you got me on that one. Strange customs up north I guess. Or maybe because I’m a west-coaster I don’t know. We’re only a few hundred miles from BC.

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