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You can text or email us any questions you have about any of our products.  Pacific Standard Time, no phone calls after 8 pm please.  Text and email fine any hour.  The best way to contact us is by text, we are receiving a high volume of robo calls and don’t want to answer every one of them.  If you text to the number below, we’ll get it right away.  If emailing us, be sure to add details to the subject line, otherwise there will be a longer delay because the email will go to the clutter or spam folder.  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Contact SOS

  1. Looking for dummy grenades for my Yugo SKS can I find out when they will be in stock again or could you let me know when?

    1. If I knew, that would mean I have control over when they get made, which would mean that I’d NEVER be out of stock, which would mean you’d never have to ask when they’d be back. As it is, I’m not in control of any part of the process- except asking my good buddy who’ve I’ve known for over 20 years “when are they going to be ready!?” Here is what I can do for you however- text me at my number here on the website, and I’ll keep you on a list and give you a heads-up text when I get a batch and hit the restock. I sure wish I could offer you more info, and do wish we could have them made a dozen a week or more. Sorry, but thanks for checking in, and be sure to text- I’ll keep you updated that way.

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