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You can text or email us any questions you have about any of our products.  Pacific Standard Time, no phone calls after 8 pm please.  Text and email fine any hour.  The best way to contact us is by text, we are receiving a high volume of robo calls and don’t want to answer every one of them.  If you text to the number below, we’ll get it right away.  If emailing us, be sure to add details to the subject line, otherwise there will be a longer delay because the email will go to the clutter or spam folder.  Thanks!


11 thoughts on “Contact SOS

  1. I am interested in the M1 carbine dummy rounds. Is the price per each for for 4 pieces
    M1 Carbine Dummy Rounds – WWII Dated


    Dummy M1 .30 Caliber Carbine Rounds, dated with World War II dates. Perfect for WWII displays of all kinds. These are original WWII brass, polished, with a seated bullet. NO POWDER or PRIMER. Quantities in stock are all we have, and there will be no more! Own a real piece of history. No overseas orders, ships UPS Ground only.

    Carbine Dummy .30 Cal. Round

    1. Yes, each round is $2.40. We won’t see anymore of these dated brass unless we get very lucky. Really doubt there are too many more around, so it’s a fair price.

    2. I hope it was you who snapped up the remaining M1 dummy rounds. They are out of stock, and unfortunately, no idea if we can find more!

  2. Hi, just wanting to know when y’all will be getting more of the rubber rifle grenades in stock.

    David Martin

    1. I really hope very soon. However supply issues have use handcuffed. Covid has really slowed down “non essential” businesses like pipe shops and hardware. We have to order special pipe and fittings for these, and unfortunately, the shops we buy from are closed. We’re hoping to scrap some together very soon. If you are registered with the Service of Supply website, you’ll get an update when we restock. If you’d like to know ASAP, email bryan@serviceofsupply and we’ll put you in a folder and email you when we update. Thanks!

  3. Hi there, did you guys get a chance to make more M18 Smoke Grenades? I inquired about 3 months ago. Haven’t received a notification that they were available.

    1. So the delay is now getting parts. The metal bodies are purchased as regular pipe before being cut down and milled end caps inserted. The pipe, the surplus fuses (which are always hard to find) are impossible to get shipped now. Until the COVID scare opens the supply again, we don’t know really how long it will take. The M-18 smokes are the most popular, so they will be the ones made first. Because of the scarcity of the fuses and handles, we may have to stop production on some types and just use what supply we get on the biggest sellers. The M-18s are the best right now. I’ll be sure to get back to you directly when we do have them. If you have also emailed me I still have a list of people to contact first.

  4. hello,

    when do you have the Vietnam Era Smoke and TC Incendiary Grenades back in Stock?


    1. These dummy smoke are really moving. We make about one batch per month. That means about 15-20. What we can do it give waiting customers a heads-up just before we change the restock numbers to give you a chance. We sell out in about two weeks with each batch. These are hand-made reproductions that are impossible to easily mass-produce. I’ll give you the heads up ASAP. Thanks.

  5. Hello,
    when I order Recognition Scarf, when will it be shipped?
    Thank you

    1. Order today, Sunday, we’ll ship it Monday. Should only take 2-3 days Priority or First Class within the continental U.S. Overseas shipments are 5-10 days. Thanks!