Sheath Set, Utensils, G.I. Pack – Knife and Fork


Reproduction mess kit utensil sheaths.  These are commonly missing form M-1928 and M-1910 packs, and are a great item to have to keep your kit looking good and period correct.  Made from the exact weight leather, untreated, suede side out, these fit the fork and knife slots like a glove.  They fit inside the pockets on the mess can pouch, commonly known as the meat can pouch.  The spoon didn’t get a sheath, only the knife and fork.  Sewn with heavy khaki thread, they are the spitting image of the real deal -when it was new!  The originals in the photo are of course 75 years old, and have colored with time and use.  The reproductions will darken with time as well.  No need to oil or treat them, you don’t want that on your plate.  One each, knife and fork.  No utensils are included.

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