Vietnam War Era Vintage Coin Set


Set of 11 coins, all dated between 1963 and 1970.  I’ve had a pretty large coin collection for a long time, and so I put together a grouping that would be really cool for those of you who are into the Vietnam War Era.  Imagine a G.I. in Vietnam- It would be quite plausible for him or her to have collected a group of coins like this from people and places met along the way.  In this group- you will get a coin from each of these countries:  Korea, Fiji, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, New Zealand, Canada, Greece, United States, Australia.  The coins do vary, as do the dates, but EACH bag being sold here has one from each country, and the dates are all in the 1963 to 1970 range.  The picture is a sample, like stated- the coins (denominations, color and size) vary, as do the dates.  So if you bought more than one bag, chances are pretty high they are not all the same.  Perfect for the Vietnam War reenactor or coin collector!

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