Vintage Flight Attendant Uniform – Alaska Airlines, dress, jacket and hat


Vintage Flight Attendant Uniform – Alaska Airlines, dress, jacket and hat!  Really cool set for a collector of all things aviation or just your next killer Halloween costume.  This is a set I picked at an estate, so don’t actually know the exacts.  However it looks between 20 and 30 or more years old.  One of the tags in the set says “Made in China” and the other “Philippines” – that might help date them.  The color of the jacket is a blue with a touch of gray.  Now the pictures show the gray much more than in reality.  This is not faded from sun, it’s a nice color up close.  The cap and the jacket match better in real life too.   The dress has a zipper going down almost all the way on the back, and the color of the fabric is not exactly the same as the jacket.  All are a little dusty, no holes or stains.  With a little brushing, this will look really good really quickly.  I do not have a shirt with this, you’d have to research the shirt and probably a scarf to go with it.  Jacket definitely worn, light antiperspirant dust under the arms, but looks like it will brush off easily.  4T for the jacket size, and 6 for the dress.  The length of the dress is just over 33 inches from the top of the back zipper to the hem.  Be aware that the shipping dimensions in the ad are set for the size of the box it will have to ship in, the hat can’t be smashed into an envelope.  This will make shipping a little more, or add to what other products you are buying.  IF there is significant overage on shipping, we will refund that amount to you.

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