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Memorandum Receipt.  The term, “GI” comes from the words “General Issue.”  During WWII, all soldiers lined up and got socks, skivvies, t-shirts, helmets, etc.  Each man got the same thing.  Some even got these items in the right size, but they were all the same, or general issue.  So a guy got GI socks, GI mess kit, GI comb, and he literally became a “GI”.   So this is the form that all these things were listed on.  If the government gave you shoes, by God you were to bring them back when you were done with them.  Everything issued to a man was on this form and he was responsible for bringing it back in good condition.  If you wore something out, there was another form you had to fill out (Unsatisfactory Equipment Report) Simple copy, two sided, white paper 8″ x 3.5″.

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