1″ Stencil, WWII to Modern Era


Military style 1″ stencils.  Customize your barracks bag, reenacting gear, paint up ammo crates, you name it.  Great for so many things.  These stencils are exactly what soldiers used from WWII to modern times to tag their stuff.  The “One Inch” stencils are precisely 13/16″.  Oil board stencils can be used over and over again.  You can daub ink, or use spray paint. Note about “centering” the lines.  Due to the way the machine grabs the oil board, there is no easy way to center the lines.  What we recommend it you cut the lines, then center them, and tape the board back together (See pictures for steps).  It works nicely, then you can customize your stencil to fit your needs.

16″ oil board max characters/spaces per line 15.

20″ oil board max characters/spaces per line 20.

These are shipped flat with cardboard or foam to protect them from bending.  These cannot go USPS Flat Rate Envelope, if you happen to select that method, we will only send them First Class or Priority Mail.  Despite how light they are, the length and the fact they can’t be folded makes an issue with shipping.  These are too long to put in the Priority Mail envelopes, but since a customer could order these with other items, we have to make the package fit the stencils.  You might not find they ship the method you chose.  You will still be emailed tracking numbers no matter the shipping method.

Stencil Text

Type in the words, spaces, and characters you want on your stencil. Separate lines using “/” symbol. We have periods, commas, dashes and apostrophes.

Additional information

Weight .19 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 5 × .01 in
Stencil Variations

20" 1 Line Stencil, 20" 2 Line Stencil, 20" 3 Line Stencil, 16" 1 Line Stencil, 16" 2 Line Stencil


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