Sheet Music 1945 “Gotta Be This Or That” Featured by Benny Goodman


Sheet Music for the song, “Gotta Be This Or That,” written by Sunny Skylar.  Dated 1945.  6 pages. Published by Harms, Inc. RCA Bldg., New York, NY.  Very good condition, just some wrinkling on the corners, and a name written in the top left of the cover “Jeep Belles” is all I could figure it could read. Cover looks faded, but that is the original printing, not perfectly solid blue, but it’s the way it’s made, not due to sun exposure or anything.  Paper is in great shape for it’s age.  Yep, that’s a picture of Benny Goodman on the cover, he’s the one who made the song famous!  12×9 inches.

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