Hand Grenade, Fragmentation, Rubber Reproduction


Rubber Fragmentation Hand Grenade.  In the bottom of the grenade there is a plug attached to a neon orange fabric ribbon. This is pulled out before you throw the grenade to help you retrieve it!  Tossing a valuable toy in the long grass can get expensive without our flag system to help!  It’s also handy to write your name and unit on the flag to keep from mix-ups on the battlefield.  Grenades weigh 4.8 all rubber construction, the spoon doesn’t come off.  Just about the weight of a baseball so it won’t be deadly when thrown at a fellow reenactor.  Dark OD rubber so it doesn’t even need paint, but you could paint a yellow band around the next to make it look spot on!

We offer replacement flags for the Dummy Rubber Frag Grenades.  If yours is worn out, or already twisted in knots- or just ripped to shreds- you can now buy replacement flags.  You can get neon green or orange with the rubber plug molded on and a new screw for fixing it inside the hollow of the grenade body.  Separate listing for these.

Additional information

Weight .563 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 in
Rubber Dummy Frag Grenade

Fragmentation Grenade, Rubber, Inert w/Orange Streamer, (3) Fragmentation Grenade, Rubber, 3-pack, w/Orange Streamer


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