Pre-Cut Stencils- 1/2″ Letters


Pre-made stencils for odd jobs, footlockers, shadow boxes, gear boxes, jeeps, tattoos… anything!  Punched on a WWII stencil machine on heavy tag board, just like the originals.  You can use these stencils over and over again, just mask out around the stencil, spray paint- or daub it.  Pre-punched stencils, $4-$7 each.  Selection of pre-cut stencils is greater than the picture!

Additional information

Weight .188 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × .01 in
Pre-Cut Stencils

AIR CORPS $7, AIRBORNE $7, FUBAR $5, INFANTRY $7, MARINES $7, MEDIC $5, RANGER $6, RIGGER $6, SAPPER $6, SNAFU $5, U.S. ARMY $7, U.S. NAVY $7, U.S.A. $5, U.S.M.C. $6, WWII $4


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