Navy Pilot’s Forest Green Dress Jacket


Forest Green US Navy Pilot’s Jacket.  Small size.  In pretty good condition with on exception.  A small but noticeable moth nip in the upper right chest.  Another slight blemish is some stitching coming out at the neck, where the hanger loop was sewn in.  That is ripped out, but the fabric is not torn and can easily be repaired with needle and thread.   Note pictures.  Otherwise the jacket is pretty clean and in good shape.  Bullion wings are slightly faded with time, all buttons are intact.  Measurement are: 16″ across the waist flat, 23.5″ from shoulder seam to cuff on the outside of the sleeve.  29.5″ from top of collar to bottom of jacket.  No names, no dates, it’s a tailor made officer’s uniform.  Maker’s tags are still in it.  My guess, and it’s just that, a guess- is that it is about a 36, or 38 S.

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 7 in


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