Helmet Scrim- 4 Color Burlap Strips


Burlap strips were used by troopers of the 101st and other units as camouflage covering their helmets during the D-Day invasions and in the Normandy Campaign.  The US troops found that by putting fishing net over their helmet, and weaving in the burlap strips, prevented the easy identification of their unique round steel pots by the enemy.  These strips can also be cut and tied onto netting for vehicle camouflage too.  A liberal amount of burlap in each roll.  Keep some extra around for when the first application wears out.  Yeah, reenactors can fight WWII for ten to fifteen years- keep some extra around for later.  You get four rolls, different color burlap, but always a dark brown, olive drab, tan, and a medium brown.  Colors sometimes vary from the pictures.

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