WWII Reproduction Sewing Kit


Sewing kits were given to soldiers by countless organizations during the war.  Some were purchased in the PX, others were Red Cross giveaways.  There were countless varieties, and in our collection we have at least a dozen different original designs.  The one we chose to reproduce features a pocket for a cardboard sleeve with four different colors of thread, and another pocket for everything from needle packs to scissors or a comb.  Our sewing kit comes to you with four colors of thread, two sewing needles, three stick pins, a variety of spare buttons (vintage original buttons and/or WWII reproduction buttons- including buttons of different sizes), and some 2″ black safety pins.  The outer body is light OD/Khaki, and the inside is a tan/khaki duck.  We bet that most people will think it’s a period kit!  Very useful item in reenacting, or just to have in the truck/car “just in case.”  Extra thread cards are available, and you can add some scissors (sold separately).  6″ x 3″ when tied closed.

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Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in


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