Rigger Pouch, Reproduction with Original WWII Webbing


Reproduction Rigger Pouches.  Airborne units used these for D-Day and afterwords.  They needed a way to sore more ammo, grenades, and TNT, so the riggers came up with these to go over a pistol belt, or on the back strap of a cartridge belt.  Ours are made from good quality reproduction duck canvas, with the brand-name Lift-The-Dot fasteners by Scoville. Same company that made these fasteners in WWII.  The strap that hold it to the web belt however is original WWII webbing, very strong and adds a cool look.   Hold about five-six clips of ammo, or a couple of grenades.

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Weight .313 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


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