Rifle Grenades -Rubber Reproduction AT and AP


Rubber Rifle Grenades.  These rifle grenades are excellent replicas of the originals, made of rubber and aluminum.  The shaft is made of aluminum (inside diameter 27/32″), the fins are rubber as are the heads- so no metal edges should hit your enemy. The AT (anti-tank) grenade is 10.3 ounces, and the AP (anti-personnel grenade is 8.1 ounces.  These are designed to work with regular reenactor blanks, not the super-charged military issue blanks.  Those more powerful government issue blanks might send your grenade into the next county or blow the end right off it.  Practice first!  We fire them at above 45 degrees angle, and with the reenactor blank in a Springfield bolt-action rifle we get between 50-75 yards. There are videos on YouTube, or check out our Instagram page.  Many guys have used these with SKS rifles, and any launcher that fits US practice rounds will work.  We do not have any launchers for sale, but check the reenactor forums, Ebay, or even post on our site, occasionally someone has one to offer.  There are some great videos of these in action on YouTube!  $27.00 either type.  Comes with a piece of orange ribbon you can tie on the tube of the grenade to help find it. However many people in tall grass areas add even a longer, brighter ribbon.  Never tie the ribbon or cord to the fins, only to the main body through the fin.

NOTE- The current AT and AP grenades are the new editions.  We DO NOT HAVE the early versions (yellow ones) fully ready yet.  If you buy an AT or AP right now, you are getting the best we’ve ever offered.  See the picture with the five different types, those are accurate to what you are purchasing.  We will have more pics soon.

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Click on the Ravenna Armory button below to see their reproduction rifle grenade pins.  Many people have asked about these.  Now you can convert your dummy grenade into a nice display piece!  Don’t fire our dummy rifle grenades with the pin in it though…


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Anti-Personnel Rifle Grenade- Rubber Dummy $27.00, Anti-Tank Rifle Grenade- Rubber Dummy $27.00


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