Military Jeep/Truck Mechanic’s Lamp


Something you don’t see everyday. A military lamp that hooks up to the vehicle’s battery, and can fasten to the hood or roof. This lamp uses two bulbs, the same bulbs from the lights of a jeep or military truck. There is a switch for low or high. The cables are in good condition, not chipped or cracked. The clamps are the only places were age is showing, and that the black and red rubber boots are broken off. You can still see positive and negative with the black and red though. This must have been used in mechanic bays, where there was no hook up to regular power, and so they used the batter from whatever they were working on. Cool idea. Olive drab lamp hood, I can’t tell the age of this, could be late WWII or even Vietnam. I’ve not hooked it up, nor changed the bulbs. No guarantees on it’s functioning, but it’s a simple design, so might just need new bulbs if they don’t work out of the box.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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