Fluke Industries D914 impact tool with 110 and 66 blades

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Fluke Networks 10051120 D914 Series Impact Punch Down Tool with EverSharp 110 & EverSharp 66 Blades.  Ok, yeah, this is copied straight off another website.  I don’t know jack about these tools… except they are for ethernet jacks.  Yes, pun intended.  This one was in a batch of stuff at an estate sale.  If you need this tool, this is a great price!  The price for this tool and the two blades it comes with was over $70 on Amazon.  It is used, but in good shape.  The “booger picker” on the side is all together too!  

Includes 66 & 110 EverSharp blades for termination into 66 & 110 wiring blocks.

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Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 in


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