Propex Heads, Milwaukee

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I’ve seen these in action, but don’t know much about them.  However I scrounged up a pair of these ProPEX heads, 1 inch and a 3/4″.  I know that each go for almost $50, but I’m selling these used ones together for $30.  Nothing looks worn out, they seem in good working condition.  Bought a box of parts and these were in it.  This is quite a deal for 2.  Tools are not quite my biz, so hopefully someone who collects militaria also needs these!

And I quote:   “The ProPEX® Expansion Heads are precision engineered for accurate expansion of Uponor® PEX-a tubing for ProPEX® fittings. Featuring the auto-rotation interface for Milwaukee Cordless ProPEX Expansion Tools, the heads are compatible with M12 and M18 Tools. Made from high strength steel, the chrome plated segments and black oxide ring combine durability and weather resistance. Color coded rings for easy size recognition add convenience.”      -Milwaukee Tools


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