Coverall, Flying, Man’s, Very Light K-2B Small Long


Army Coverall, Flying, Man’s, Very Light K-2B.  Size Small Long.  This one is dated 1967, pattern date is 1966.  I’m the model, I weigh 175 and am 5′-10″ tall, so anybody my size or smaller can get into it.  The waist is out as far as it can go on me, but it’s comfortable and I can move around.  I think someone up to 6 feet tall and at or under 170 will fit this nicely.  Probably down to about 5′-8″ in height.  Clean, minus one small yellow spot on the back near the waist.  Paint maybe?  Some kind of glue?  A period blemish for sure, these were packed away in a vet’s locker, probably just after coming home.  Definitely has NOT been used as painters coveralls, everything is in good shape and wrinkled, but clean.  All zippers and snaps work great.

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