Yakima Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Coin 1960


1960 Yakima, Washington State.  This collector coin was a popular thing in the 1950s and 60s.  The Yakima Jubilee Money was used as 50 cents anywhere in town, or just kept as a collectible.  Now that these are almost 60 years old, guess that makes them the collectible, far more value than the original 50 cents.  “Fruit Bowl of the Nation” status has not changed in all this time.  Yakima is home to vast orchards, and now hops and vineyards too.  Reality is the hops are king these days for craft beer.  Oh boy, we sure do have great beer here in the Yakima Valley.   All of these collector coins are in used but good condition.  No handpicks.  What stock is left is all we have.

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