Vintage Leather Fishing Belt

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So when you are out junking, and picking through all sorts of places, you sometimes find yourself buying “boxes” of stuff.  We found this gem in one of the boxes of goodies we haul in, and well, we weren’t quite sure what to make of it.  Handmade?  Don’t know.  Clearly someone with leatherworking talent made this heavy leather fishing belt.  The idea is to help hold that rod when you have a big one on the line.  I can see this definitely tough enough!  It’s in rough but serviceable shape, and seems to have had something else stitched to the top, maybe trim, don’t know.  It has two leather pockets, and the strap is tough, and the base where the rod sits is strong.  We couldn’t cut it up, we wouldn’t toss it out, so here it is- a great value for the deep sea fisherman!  At least you can impress your buddies.  Just show them the fish pictures stamped in the leather.

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