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These reproduction ropes are for the grommets on shelter half tents. Spot on to originals.  Each G.I. carried a half of the tent, then he paired up with another G.I. and together they made their halves into one tent.  Originals are often missing these ropes, or you might need to replace yours.  We’re selling them individually for that purpose.  There is a trick to getting this heavy cotton rope through the tight grommets.  Here are the steps- 1. The ropes on the shelter half that these replace are the 3 along the bottom side of the half, and the two at each ends of the triangles.  Some tent halves don’t have a double triangle piece, they have an open end.  So 4 or 5 ropes are used on the shelter half.   2. Cut off the old rope to be replaced if there is one.  3.  Find some wire, or heavy and strong cord.  You can use the inside strands of para cord, or light gauge wire like I am in the picture.  4. Bend the wire in a half loop.  5.  Loop the replacement rope through the wire.  6. put the wire through the grommet.  The knots on the rope are on the inside of the tent, make sure they are going the right way.  7. Use some pliers to pull hard on the rope and pop it through the grommet.  This requires some strength, and it’s also important to note that if you are using cord instead of wire, it has to be thin enough to fit through the grommet with both  sides of the replacement rope.  8. Pull hard on the cord and the rope will pop through! 9.  All done, rope replaced.  Good for another war-time worth of reenacting.

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