Original G.I. Belts – Size 28 to 30


Two original WWII GI belts.  One is faded khaki, looks very well used, and the brass buckle has greened with age and sitting in a footlocker for 80 years.  The other is in very good condition.  Both buckles are solid brass, worth it for the buckles alone if you are a bigger guy and can’t squeeze into the “under 32″ inches.  REMEMBER, trousers in WWII were high waists, so if you measure just under your ribs, these still might fit you.  I wear size 32 pants, and if I were to wear one of these with my regular modern pants, I can barely get them on.  However with WWII trousers, they easily fit.  There isn’t a lot of belt left, that is why I’m suggesting these are going to fit someone under 32” waist.  Both buckles can be cleaned and shined up really well with some Brasso.

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Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in


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