Bicentennial Quarters! 1976

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I never thought these would get old.  Well, here we are.  I’m old too I guess.  1976 saw the 200th birthday of the United States.  What a party.  I was eight, what do I know.  However I squirreled away a bunch of quarters that year and it’s time to say goodbye.  I have $7.25 worth of these little dudes, 29 coins.  Uh, and yeah, all are dated 1976.  Some of these could be really good ones, some not so good.  I’m literally to lazy to sift through and look ’em up.  I could be selling you a fortune, or you just keep them for the next 44 years and sell them then.  Better yet, keep them until the craziness of 2026 comes along.  That’s the 250th birthday of the USA.  Most people won’t live to see 2076, so you know we’ll party hard in six years.  If we get rid of Covid…

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