Bag, Woodland Camo, Repurposed US Uniform Sleeves


Well this is strange.  I just didn’t know what to do with them, and didn’t want to toss them away.  So we repurposed some woodland camouflage jackets and turned them into ditty bags.  These are the sleeves from used woodland US Army uniforms.  These bags are fully hemmed, and our own custom khaki webbing makes a tight drawstring closure.  We used parachute 550 cord to make the drawstrings.  Bags are mixed, all original woodland uniforms, but all in used condition, although there are no major blemishes with the fabric.  Some are a little longer than the others, all are made from sleeves above the cuff, and just below the shoulder.  The bags taper down toward the bottom.  These repurposed uniform bags are great for tools, first-aid kits, camping gear, or all sorts of miscellaneous stuff.   EACH BAG comes with a 1″ last name stencil too!  So you can put your name on your bag and all sorts of other stuff as well.   (Limited to last names of under 15 letters).  The stencils are the customers last name, one stencil per bag.  Stencils are cut down to fit in the envelope or box depending on shipping choice.  If you buy more than one bag, email or text us with the names for the other bags, or put a message in the comments with the order.

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