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You can text or email us any questions you have about any of our products.  Pacific Standard Time, no phone calls after 8 pm please.  Text and email fine any hour.  The best way to contact us is by text, we are receiving a high volume of robo calls and don’t want to answer every one of them.  If you text to the number below, we’ll get it right away.  If emailing us, be sure to add details to the subject line, otherwise there will be a longer delay because the email will go to the clutter or spam folder.  Thanks!


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  1. I ordered 10 packages of the 2 inch black safety pins (6 in each package) to replace missing ones on my USGI bandoliers. I placed the order for them on 3/22 and today 3/25 they arrived in the mail. Super fast shipping and prompt processing of my order. Thanks for a professional hassle free online transaction. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
    Sincerely, Jeff Kuzma Rio, WI

  2. Hello. Parcel arrived this day. Thank you for this transaction between the United States and France.
    Only downside for me, the French Customs have added 20% in tax …

    1. Glad it made it. Sorry about that customs duty, that really stinks.

  3. Hello, I noticed that the rocket tubes had two different lengths

    One has 22 “and the other has 24”

    view the M6A1 rockets are 21 “6 and that m6a3 are smaller wondering why you sell tubes of 24”

    1. That’s a great question. I actually don’t know. I hate to admit it, but I’ve never held a bazooka rocket before. A long time ago, a buddy of mine in reenacting contacted me and had me made a 24″ tube. I did, and later even picked up a reproduction rocket bag. The 24″ fit that fine. Then we were asked to make one 22″- and I’m guessing it was for the type you are talking about. Believe it or not, we sell just as many of each. Maybe if someone who knows more sees this post they’ll chime in. I’d appreciate that too. -Bryan @ SOS

  4. Hi SOS.
    I live in south korea.
    I want buy some product of your shop.
    Can you shipment to south korea?

    1. Yes, we ship overseas for everything but the dummy ordinance. Unfortunately, overseas shipping of dummy ordinance, smoke, rifle, or frag grenades, requires too much paperwork and restrictions on weight that makes it not worth it. Packages have to go UPS international- over $85 for just a single grenade- or USPS first class registered mail, which adds an additional $15 and is restricted to under 4 pounds. Plus a ton of forms, and the restriction that we can only use paper tape to seal the box. Everything else, we sure can! Because of the variety of products, the shipping may not be perfectly accurate, but we do refund any overage on the shipping price. -Bryan @ SOS

  5. Hello all,
    i had recently purchased 3 reproduction grenades and i couldnt be happier!!! the quality is amazing, as well as the weight! Also much appreciated on the shipping and the way the boxes were packed to ensure no product damage. I will be doing more business with you guys! thanks and keep up the good work!\

  6. With the “Rubber Reproduction AT and AP rifle grenades” when shooting off of a Yugoslavian sks what blanks do you recommend using?

    1. I can’t tell you a specific brand, but ONLY use the crimped “Hollywood” type blanks. Military grade or military surplus blanks are too powerful. These rubber dummy rifle grenades were developed for reenactors, so using anything but the crimped blanks could result in damage to the grenade, your rifle, or you’ll shoot it so far you will never find it again. Some places to find blanks include, but are not limited to; Atlantic Wall, Swanson’s Blanks, or Sportsman’s Guide.

  7. What is the status of order 6415? Thanks

    1. Shipped May 16th. UPS ground may take 3-4 days to CA. We sent the tracking to your yahoo email, check the junk mail, it’s auto generated by UPS. If you can’t find it, I’ll look it up for you. Thanks!

      1. Thank You

    2. Hello,

      I fell back in curiosity on your site and looking I saw with great surprise and joy that you have the containers in stock again 😀

      Could you tell me if you send them to France too ??
      And if so, could you tell me if for the two kinds the original rockets or very good copies fit in ??

      Thank you,

      Sincerely, Robin

      PS : I send you an email too, but I write you here also 😁🙂

      1. Well, to be honest, I’ve never seen a dummy rocket, just a couple of reproduction bags. I had to send off the tubes to a friend who has some dummy rockets. He was the one who informed me about the 22″ and 24″ rockets. I have a reproduction bag, I can’t even remember who made it, very early repro, 10-15 years old. My bag fits the 22″ tubes. The tubes are just slightly larger than originals, but will fit in most of the repro bags out there. They are not cheap to mail overseas, you’ll have to be the judge of that. I wish I could help with more information. I might suggest you get on some reenactor boards and ask people who have our repros what they use. -Bryan

  8. When will you have the 8 shot dummy 30.06 clips for M1 available again?

    You run a great web site with the turn around very quick.

    Very good realistic clips with dummy ammo

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately when you sell an item that is almost impossible to find elsewhere, you have problems with demand. We have more casings in reserve, and hopefully we’ll be able to stock up at least once each month. If you email bryan@serviceofsupply or text us, we’ll send you a notification as soon as we have updated the website when more are finished.

  9. order # 6815.
    I recieved my dog tag chain in quick time, but I also ordered 2 P 38 openers which weren’t with my order. When can I expect? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. The P38s are sent from Washington. They are in transit now, should be there very soon. Tags/Chain comes from California.

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