6 thoughts on “SOS Shopping Cart

  1. What is the Return Policy on this
    Compass ? Thanks

    1. As long as it is within 30 days, full refund on the item. Shipping non-refundable unless we ship the wrong items or we mess up an address. Thanks. BTW, I just put it on sale for you!

  2. i’m trying to get an order in Canada, is this possible?

    1. Yes, but if it’s dummy ordnance, then no. You’d have to have an address across the border and pick it up.

  3. Where is the first one I bought

    1. My records show you ordered last on July 6. That order left us on July 8, and with UPS should be about a week. You had a tracking number emailed to the address you gave us. If you need it again, I can send it to you. Thanks

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