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Third of the way to one K

I don’t know why this seems like a milestone, but I think it is. If you were at a yard sale and you got to browse 333 items, wouldn’t that be cool? 333 items in an antique store isn’t too bad, although we’ve been in some VAST antique malls, haven’t we? So Service of Supply, your on-line vintage antique store has now 333 products for you to check out. That will take some time, so I suggest you come back each week for a “walk through” of our wares. We’re not done yet. I’m hoping to get to 1,000 items by New Year. I just made that goal up. But should be fun. I have the stuff. Just cleaned out a storage unit of military and cool vintage items, so we’ve got to get it loaded to the website. Doing the math on this big goal, I’ll have to load just over 10 items a day. Get ready to check ’em out.