USMC Enlistment Certificate – Downloadable Reproduction


Downloadable USMC Enlistment Certificate.  No, we don’t intend for you to fill it out and say you were a Marine…  But if you have a USMC impression, that’s the idea!  Also great for veterans as a way to say “Thanks.”  We digitally scanned an original, then painstakingly edited out all the writing except for the commanding officer who signed it.  Buying this certificate allows you to download a copy for yourself to keep.  You can use it over and over if you wish.  Just don’t resell it please- it took quite a bit of time to make, and I have hungry mouths to feed at home.  Semper Fi!  Downloadable USMC Certificate $2.00

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Weight .063 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .1 in


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