M-1911 Vinyl Iron On Transfers


These are NOT STICKERS, but vinyl iron-on transfers.  We were using them on Covid masks, but demand wasn’t too hot.  Guess people didn’t want the most glorious pistol ever on their face.  Frankly, can’t think of a better look.  OK, so there you go.  BUT, we have some left over transfers.  Now you can iron it on to whatever you want!  Yeah, even your own covid mask…  Or a t-shirt, gun case, shooting bag, anything to can get flat and add heat to.  To iron these on, you make sure the surface is clean, and you can make the item as flat and study as possible.  Then, heat up the old iron, and keep the steam off.  Next, once the iron is hot, you will press on the transfer “sticky” side down.  Place a cotton cloth between the iron and the transfer so you don’t cook the plastic.  Then apply heavy and even pressure for about ten to twelve seconds.  Once you do that, remove the cloth and peel away the plastic!  GUN ON!  Now just so you got it, the “sticky” side will mean the pistola faces to your RIGHT.  That’s the ONLY way it will go on.  The vinyl will literally be melted on the fabric, so it’s a permanent deal.  But if you did it all wrong a messed it up, you can just buy another M-1911 and try again.  NO money back if you mess it up or ruin your item.  If you don’t have confidence for this sort of thing, don’t buy these.  However it’s pretty straight forward, and you can’t beat the value for something so cool.   Nice logo on a polo shirt, or on the sleeve of your favorite shooting shirt.

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