3 WWII Garrison Caps


This listing is for 3 caps!  Two khaki tan summer caps, or for the tropical uniform, and one OD wool cap.  All three came from the same estate, all are about 6-1/2 to 6-3/4 range.  One of the khaki caps is in pretty good shape, remnants of a tag, but no dates.  The other one looks good, but does have a stain on one side and a hole in the top.  Both these can be worn for a reenactment easily.  You can have one nicer one for the cleaner impression and one for the field.  The OD wool cap is definitely well-used.  I wouldn’t say “grungy” but it’s close.  The sweatband is nearly worn out, and the blue infantry braid is almost a gray.  I think it could be dry cleaned to give it some more life.  At any rate, it’s not going to break the bank to try!

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