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Rifle Grenade Tubes back in stock, as well as a new “Three Pack” of rubber hand grenades

We’re getting things finished up that we’re on the back burner for too long. We have been cranking out our classic rubber hand grenades. If you don’t know about these, they have a ribbon embedded in the bottom that you pull out so when you throw it at the enemy you can find it again. This is a very unique product in the reenacting game. We have both American frag grenades and British Mills Bombs. We have a hard time keeping these in stock, but we build two more molds, and have streamlined the process. Now you can get a great deal on a three-pack of these great reenacting grenades. Another thing we’ve been out of a while are the cardboard rifle grenade tubes. These are the best copy that can be made using existing materials. They are 3″ in diameter, with added tubing in the core for thickness. The come with brown paper tape that was used to seal the lids on. Makes them very authentic. Hopefully all your reenacting events are awesome this summer! Feel free to use our site to post messages about upcoming events, there is a lot of WWII traffic that could benefit with information. -Bryan SOS