WWII WAAC Jacket size 42R


A US W.A.A.C. jacket, size 42R.  I know it’s a WAAC jacket, but I don’t think these are the correct buttons.  The buttons on this jacket are men’s buttons, I believe the Women’s Auxiliary Service had their own design.  I know it’s a women’s jacket because of the pattern, I’ve see these before- but not in a great size like this.  There are two small moth nips on the back lower right.  Those moth holes can be fixed, I’ve posted a link to a video showing how.  I’ve done it before myself and this method works great.  Other than that, the jacket is in very good shape.  The fabric is clean, no funky smells.  I’ve taken close pictures of the insignia on it, again, no facts on this, other than this is the way I found it.  Over all from top of collar to the bottom of the jacket is 27″.  18″ from shoulder to shoulder straight across, and 23″ from the seem of the top of the sleeve to the cuff.

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