WWII Reproduction Sewing Kit DELUX Edition


These kits are limited to a few in stock.  We changed out some of the materials on our first run sewing kits and so we’re offering these as special deals.  The same sewing kit as our first rate reproduction, but with some different color fabric.  Some have OD duck inside, others have OD webbing instead of tan felt to hold in the needles.  Same quality, just different look, still authentic as it gets.  To sweeten the deal we’re adding in these kids stainless steel scissors in a leather sheath, a comb, and a P-38 can opener ($7.00 value). The regular items our kids comes to you with are still there-  four colors of thread, sewing needles, stick pins, a variety of spare buttons (vintage original buttons and/or WWII reproduction buttons- including buttons of different sizes), and some 2″ black safety pins.  Check other listings for more sewing related items, and usually we have an assortment of buttons left over after we take out the period correct ones for our sewing kits.  if you are looking at this listing, act fast, where they are gone, they’re gone.

2 in stock

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Weight 0.44 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in


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