WWII Preproduction Paperwork SET- Reenactor Starter Kit!


Full set of great WWII reproduction paperwork for a G.I. reenacting impression.  The whole pack contains: Ordnance Training Certificate, Certificate of Promotion (two types), Infantry Replacement Certificate, Expert Infantry Qualification, Wound Tag, Message Envelope, Immunization Record Slips (early and late war), Army Extension Course Certificate, Unsatisfactory Equipment Report, Army Life Insurance Application Copies, Army Rank Certificate, 1″ stencil “U.S.”, 2 Ammo cardboards for M1 enblock clips, Medium Carlisle Bandage Box, and a D-ration box.  All this together in one, save some time ordering it all separately and save a little money on the lot too.   These sets are for a limited time, when they are gone, they’re gone.

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