WWII Issue Long Underwear Set- Size 36 – Dated 1941


Doesn’t get any cooler than this.  Well, cold I guess.  Great set, original long underwear- bottoms are size 36!  There is a clear label on the pants, none on the top.  Both came from the same estate, but the tops look more worn than the bottoms.  The pictures show the various stains and stitching coming out, but nothing major.  If you are going to walk around the barracks at a reenactment looking pretty chill, you just need to do a little stitching on one of the arms, but that’s it.  Otherwise pretty clean, good fabric all around really, especially the bottoms.  Tag reads Flud & Hatch Knitting Co. and they are dated March 17, 1941.  Nice date!  St. Pat’s day, and even before Pearl Harbor!

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