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Vintage Stamp Collector’s Book.  The “newest” dates I could find in this is 1970.  Everything in it is pre-1970.  There are quite a few stamps in it, and the book covers all the countries of the world at that time.  The outer cover is rough, there is a plastic cover that has a hole in the middle bottom, but otherwise it’s functional.  The intro pages are in good shape, as are the stamp pages.  None are super brittle even through there are some frayed edges, etc.  The book is almost 50 years old!  The majority of the stamps in the collection are American, some going back to the 1800s.  I know nothing about stamps, and I’m going to describe it as best I can, but don’t ask me for any other details.  And no, respectfully, no asking me to look into it for a specific stamp.  If you asked me to investigate, I might learn more about it and charge accordingly.  I’m already probably giving away my kid’s college fund by selling this book.  However I’ve had it since that estate sale some odd dozen years ago.  It’s been in the shop for too long, and so it needs to find a new home!  There are no page numbers, but it’s 4.5 inches thick!  The book is a solid 13 lbs.  I’ve added a number of photos for you to get the general idea of the book.  I’m basically pricing it as a vintage collecting book, not pricing the value of the stamps, of which I have no idea.  If you get lucky and there is a thousand dollar stamp in it, don’t tell me about it please.

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