Vintage Military Style Watch Bands -Khaki and Black (2)


Fully adjustable vintage wristwatch bands.  These look worse in the pictures than they do in real life, but yeah, they are used.  But not rotten and stinky, or crusty and brittle.  The nylon fabric is in pretty good shape, but they were definitely put away  wet…  These came out of an estate sale, with lots of personal effects of a WWII soldier, but I can’t guarantee they are WWII, possibly later.  My experience says you can easily use these in a WWII event, they definitely look the part.   Both are adjustable on the buckle, so even though the black one has fewer holes, it can be adjusted for any wrist size – unless your wrist is like 30″ around.  But then you’d have to strap a grandfather clock to a rope to go around those arms.   You get both, we’re not splitting them up.

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