Vintage Military Neckties – 5 TIES – One Khaki, Three Black, One Black Bow Tie


This is for the lot!  Set of 5 ties.  The Khaki one, and at least one of the black ties are WWII, the other two could be, but they are all vintage.  The bow tie I know is from a military dress uniform, but I don’t know it’s age precisely, could be Vietnam era.  All are dusty, but in very good shape after some cleaning and ironing.  I just have too many ties in my collection, and since we make reproductions of both of these, I just don’t use the originals much anymore.  Great value!  If you only need one, buy them all and resell the rest!  My laziness is your profit!

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Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in


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