US WWII Reenactor FIX-IT-ALL Kit


This kit is a one of a kind.  All in one fix it yourself kit for US WWII Reenactors.  This is a limited run, if they turn out popular we might be able to make up some more.  What you get is a OD fabric case (which is a used vintage post-war German military sewing kit pouch) a card of OD wool yarn (German) and a couple of stars of OD thread (German).  Nice German made quality scissors.  Then we add a full large spool of OD thread, and a variety of buckles and hardware for a lot of US gear.  This includes D-rings, and slide buckles, the kinds you find on field packs, and gas mask bags.  We are also adding a ball cap for one inch webbing.  This is the thing that you slide over fresh cut webbing, then smash it flat with a hammer to make a nice cap so the webbing doesn’t fray.  And, there is a  metal webbing end cap that does the same thing, but you find it on webbing like equipment bags, or the webbing on a jeep canvas top.  There are also OD buttons, and even a class-A dress jacket button.  Other items to note, the press rivets.  These are not military, but are very handy for quick fixes.  You pop a hole it the items you want to fix, then shove the side with the long shaft through, cap it, then smash it down with a hammer and it’s fixed solid.  There are three little ones, and two larger ones.  We also include a large Scovill Snap set too.  Same large snap on a lot of military gear.   Pretty much covering what could go wrong at a reenactment!

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