1/2″ Stencils – Custom WWII Style


We have access to an original WWII 1/2 inch stencil machine!  We punch you an oil board card stock stencil that you can use over and over again.  We have packages available that will accommodate any WWII configuration.  From a simple last name stencil to the regulation army last initial and last four digits of your serial number.  This is the stencil that you see was used to mark all gear and uniforms.  The full stencil for army footlockers would be the full name and number stencil.  Another popular set is the last name stencil and the white name tapes.  These tapes are the same ones used to put on uniforms for training, and that carried on into the early 1960s.  The half-inch Stencils are shipped separately from Michigan, stencil orders are processed about once a week, so allow at least 2 weeks for yours to get to you. Due to the schedule of Mark the stamper, sometimes a week can be added to the order since he’s traveling for work quite often.  1/2 inch stencils are Mailed First Class only.  Other items you might buy from Service of Supply will come from our main shop in Washington State.  So if you order Priority Mail, you’ll get the bulk of the order that way, and the stencils will come first class mail.

Custom Stencil Information

Type in the information you want on your stencil. If you are choosing a stencil with multiple lines, use the “/” key to separate lines. There is no punctuation available on the stencil machine except dash and period.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions .1 × 2 × 3 in
Stencil Options

Last Initial + last 4 digits of serial number $8.50, Last Name only Stencil (max characters 15) $8.50, Last Name Stencil with 1 White Name Tape $13.50, Last Name Stencil with 3 White Name Tapes $18.50, Full Name and Army Serial Number $18.00 2-Line Stencil, Full Name, Army Number, City and State (Full Address) 3-Line Stencil $21.00


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