Steel Pot Chin Strap Hardware -WWII Reproduction Set


Chin strap hardware set.  This is all reproduction stuff, in fact, we made some of the hooks ourselves.  Now they are pretty tough, they hold up and look the part- but they are not picture perfect copies.  Although I’d really be surprised if someone in your circle would notice even.  Put together right on a good set of webbing it’s a nice match for the WWII hardware.  You are getting a three-piece set, the hook, the buckle, and the end slide for the adjustable side of the webbing.  The M1 helmet had the chin strap bar tacked to the steel loops, and these three pieces are what you need to make your own.  Oh, and the webbing if course.  We recommend J Murray 1944 Inc for the other necessaries.  If you know how to sew a decent bar-tack, you can save a bunch of money making a pot yourself, or creating a repro to sell.  Always good to have an extra pot around, maybe do up a medic helmet or a different unit.

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