Rigger Pouches – Reproduction Webbing & Canvas 3 pack


3 pack of one-off rigger pouches.  Here is the scoop.  All three of these on the face look identical to our first-run reproductions.  These three have slightly different stories.  For two, we use some canvas pieces which were slightly narrower, so we used some khaki webbing and sewed it over the top inside edge.  This way, we got the right size, but didn’t have to fold over the canvas edge to sew it down.  The other one with the correct sewn edge actually used two separate pieces of canvas sewn together.  Spliced it to be able to use the canvas.  All three of these will hold up to any picky reenactor friends (nothing farby to be accused of here) but are all just one-off in the way we manufacture our top-notch reproductions.  Same durability, just save 10 bucks on the set of three!  This is the original listing description below, but for the $10 riggers we made that are the first line copies.  You can get those too if supplies are in stock.  But these are the best value if you are cool with some hidden mods.

These are 4 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide and 2 inches thick.  Holds about 4 M1 clips or a hand grenade.  The airborne forces put four or so of these guys on their web belts, or on the back side of their cartridge belts to add more capacity for ammo and ordnance.  New Scoville brand Lift-the-Dot fasteners just like the originals too.  They are incredibly tough, made with a mix of high-quality reproduction canvas (for the main body front and sides) and 3-3/4″ wide webbing (flap and back).  Sewn with heavy weight khaki thread and reinforced in all the places you tug and pull.

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