Reproduction WWII Helmet Liner


So what we have here is a reproduction liner, using a post war “green” liner and painted to give a resemblance to the WWII style.  For a reenactor, it would pass muster, but it’s not “original” in the sense it’s a WWII liner, it’s a 1970s liner that was originally “green” on the inside.  I painted it and used mesh tape to give the approximate look of the fabric that was in the plastic liners of the 40s.  It’s very clean, with all new suspension webbing- used but nice sweat band, and a used nape strap.  What it is missing is the chinstrap.  There are holes drilled already for the chinstrap, but I don’t have the fasteners for the chinstrap to go in.  For the great price on a decent liner you can just use some pop rivets and put a chin strap in.  If you are just getting into reenacting, or need a second liner for events, this could be a great one for you.

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Dimensions 7 × 8 × 10 in


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