Reproduction Second Pack – PE Bag, Aid Pouch, D-Rat, Soap Tin


What you have here are some great reproduction items with very slight flaws.  You can save some money on this grouping if you are needed any of these go-together items.  A D-ration box you fold and glue yourself, it’s just got a slight misprint, little light on the ink.  A PE (personal effects) bag for in the barracks, this one is about 3″ smaller in width than our normal reproductions, otherwise, perfect condition.  A soap tin, with soap in it, that just has a slight dent in the upper right corner.  Hard to notice.  And a waterproof first aid pouch you can fill yourself.  These open aid pouches we make are great for putting in your own real-world medical stuff- bandages, etc.  You’d have to seal it yourself, but directions are included.  All these things are great for any WWII reenactor, just all have some slight issues.  Save a few bucks and get the lot!

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