Reproduction D-Loop Steel Pot – Project Helmet


Project helmet!  Price is right if you want to set up an extra airborne helmet, or if you are getting an impression together on the cheap.  It’s a good solid pot, no cracks.  I knocked out some dents on top, so it’s pretty good now, but it will show some dents unless you take it a step further.  I think it can be scraped down, re-textured and painted just the way it is.  We welded on some home-made D-Loops, and they are pretty good if I do say so myself.  I’ve made a couple of these for my own use just like these, and even jumped one of them at ADT years ago.  So I think it’s pretty tough.  BUT NO GUARANTEES, but I’m telling you right now, it’s as good as can be made.  The old paint needs a good wire-wheel job, but the rim is on solid, no major issues on the rim or seam.  This is a rear-seam post WWII helmet, but It’s going to pass for WWII with only a few super-trained dudes in your unit knowing it’s a post war pot.  Yeah, some of us can spot these immediately, but most of us understand the expense of collecting.  If you use the right texture and paint color, you’ll be in great shape and save a bunch of money doing it yourself.  I recommend for the rest of the goodies.

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