Repro Second Package -Gas Brassard, Sheath, Caramel box, tin


Seconds package of reproductions and an original vintage Russian gas mask filter tin.  We’ll start with that weird one.  It’s a thin little tin, 1964, original tag in it.  Might be cool for photos, or other little odds and ends in a reenactment kit.  Period correct for sure.  2-1/2 inches across by about 3/8 in tall.  Cool little thing.  PLUS, you get a good brassard, but the stitching was stopped and started so I don’t like to put it in with the good ones.  However you can’t tell the difference by the outside.  Also added a G.I. mess knife sheath.  This has some mixed stitching, white and khaki, and it’s stitched solid but wacky.  Added to is a reproduction caramel box.  Last of the lot.  Nothing wrong with it, but we won’t make any more of them. There you go.  All this for a great price!

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